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If you’ve never visited the city before you may be wondering, why Calgary? What makes us the city that international conferences should come to?

As some of you may know, we recently hired Sue Wilkes, our in-market International Business Development Manager-Europe. After spending 10 days in our vibrant city, she had some great things to say. Before she left to go back to London, England we asked her,  “why Calgary?” Here is an outside view from an international traveler.

Sue’s favourite part about the city? “The fact that I felt safe everywhere I went. I loved the open spaces, the public art displays and the river walk.  Everyone in the city was so friendly, open, warm and willing to help. Touring in a foreign city can be overwhelming but with the help of Calgarians, I didn’t feel that way. I was greeted with smiles, and people that were willing to lend a helping hand.”

What did you least expect from the city? “The city is very walkable, something that international conferences look for when planning their events. A major bonus – the travel time between the airport and downtown is only 20 minutes, almost unheard of in major city centres.”  Our newly renovated international wing at the airport allows for an increase in international flights which means it is much easier to access the city from around the globe.

Why Calgary for International conferences? “Calgary is a great place for information exchange. When travelling for an international conference, people want to meet like-minded individuals. University of Calgary and SAIT are some of the best in Canada for their research projects and technology facilities so it makes Calgary a great place for international delegates to meet.”

What would Sue do with a day off in the city? “I would start by taking a river walk in the morning, and heading over to Princess Island Park for brunch. From there, I would spend time walking around and admiring the beautiful downtown architecture  and the fresh flowers that hang on the city streets (in the summer of course!). I would visit Calgary tower’s view deck to get a bird’s-eye view of the city with the mix of mountains and prairies that surround it. I would then head to East Village to eat in one of the trendy restaurants and grab some ice cream from Village.  Afterwards I would take a float down the Bow to end the day at Princess Island Park with a bottle of wine and a picnic while watching Shakespeare in the park.”

After being ranked 4th most livable city in the world and speaking with Sue, it is clear to see why we appeal to the international markets. It is for this reason Sue has joined the team and know that she will be a great ambassador of our city.

Calgary is the ideal city to host international conferences, and if you don’t believe Sue, then take the Economist’s word because they recently ranked Calgary as the 4th most livable city in the world!

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