About Calgary

In 2014, the UK’s Guardian newspaper said Calgary: “Has gone from cowboy town to cosmopolitan cool.”

In the same year, MoneySense magazine named the city Canada’s best large city in which to live. And in 2012, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked it as the fifth most livable city in the world.

In business, Calgary is synonymous with energy. It’s home to 1,700 energy businesses with local, provincial, national and international operations. It’s the decision-making headquarters for the six-largest oil-producing nations in the world. The province of Alberta produces nearly 70 per cent of Canada’s crude oil and 80 per cent of its natural gas.

Other leading sectors in the city include:

Financial services —Calgary’s financial sector provides city businesses and residents with trusted, reliable funding and investment assistance.

Technology-Some of the province’s fastest growing companies are in the information and communications technology sector. And Calgary has more tech start-up companies than any other Canadian City.

Real estate—One of the strongest performing markets in Canada during the past 10 years, Calgary has 2,151 real estate businesses and its inventory of office buildings is the youngest in any major Canadian city.

Transportation & logistics—Western Canada’s hub for air, rail and road transportation, Calgary has also become a major distribution centre for goods from around the world.

For more about the industries driving Calgary’s and Alberta’s economies, visit Calgary Economic Development.

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