Changing Landscapes of Classical Music in Calgary

To celebrate Canada 150 Honens is giving back to the community through Pianoscapes, a project aimed to unite Calgarians through great music.

Pianoscapes brings together visual artists, musicians and businesses. Five donated pianos were transformed by local artists with designs that reflect each artists’ view on Canada.

The pianos will be unveiled at a free event at noon on September 7 right outside the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre on Stephen Ave to kick off the award-winning Honens Festival. Pianists from the festival will be performing on all five pianos. It is going to be a memorable event that you must come and check out!

We are lucky to be a part of an event that brings together a community of people. A Russian-born pianist, Dmitry Nesterov, first came to Calgary in 1992 when he competed to become a Laureate of the inaugural Honens International Piano Competition. His experience gave him the courage to move his family permanently to Calgary.

“If it weren’t for the Honens competition, we would probably not be here. Because we are not the kind of people who would have this kind of nerve to pack up our suitcase and immigrate,” said Demitry. “But since we were lucky to be a part of the Honens competition we are here and we stayed and never regretted it.”

Since immigrating, Demitry has given his time to the classical community as a performer and a teacher.

Through projects like Pianoscapes, Honens hopes to make classical music more accessible to Calgarains.
The pianos will be housed in the South Buidling at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre for approximately a week after the unveiling and is open to the public. We hope that you can come by and enjoy the artist’s visions of Canada on the pianos. From September 7-10, keep an eye out as the city becomes infused with classical music during the 2017 Honens International Festival.

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