Digital Connections

Meeting- and convention-goers already travel with one or more digital device. Soon they’re expected to travel with an average of 2.5 devices: a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop.

The CTCC is ready for them. Our Cisco network can expand to up to 55 access points and 200 radio broadcast relays on three separate bandwidths or channels for convention-goers, presenters and exhibitors.

Our behind-the-scenes customized networks ensure that no CTCC visitor ever experiences a dropped call or frozen download.

Wired connections

The CTCC’s Cisco network environment provides connections to and from wherever you want in the world. And we can create internetworking solutions and give you private access to your corporate networks featuring:

  • Basic shared high speed (4.5 Mbps download, 640 Kbps upload)
  • Premium dedicated high speed (10 Mbps to 1 Gbps upload/download)
  • Up to 128 routable IP addresses or an unlimited number of dynamic IP addresses.

Wireless connections

For the utmost convenience, CTCC’s wireless connections include:

  • Full wireless coverage throughout our facilities
  • Shared wireless connection: 10 Mbps upload/download
  • Dedicated wireless connection: 10-54 Mbps upload/download
  • Lower-speed, pay-as-you-go wireless networks are also available through web portals in Macleod Hall and Exhibition Hall.

Internet/advanced technology

From basic shared high-speed connections or premium dedicated high-speed, private access to your corporate network, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC) has the technology and the team to make it happen.

We are part of TELUS Managed Enterprise Services and have a fully dedicated 1,000 Mbps connection. As the exclusive provider of all telecommunication services for our clients, CTCC can provide easy access and user-friendly connections to the world.

For more information, contact Information Technology.

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